08 May 2007

Jonesing for a Hit

My friend, the Enabler, is letting me use her computer for a quick e-mail check.

I am currently without access to the Internet from home. And this is a major problem.

At the Library the computer network would go down with some frequency. And our resident neighborhood addicts would mope about the Library, staring at the computer screens, waiting for it to come on.

I used to shake my head at them, wondering why they couldn't just find something else to do or somewhere else to go.

No longer.

For I am now one of them.

But not having the Internet is a major issue. No e-mail. No telephone (either locally in Switzerland or Skype calls). No television.

Indeed, no contact with the English-Speaking World.

By the way, do you have any idea how frustrating it is to spend 45 minutes on hold with your Internet Provider to inform them you have no internet access and hear the same message repeated every 2-3 minutes? A message that advises you that the wait time is excessively long and for faster service you should go to their website. A message, of course, which is in German.

Yeah, that's a useful message...

A technician will be contacting me at some stage to arrange a time to come by and fix the problem. If I am lucky, it will happen by the end of the week. If I am not lucky, it may be as late as next week.

I suspect I am not lucky because at the moment GLH is on a business trip to the US. And my need for contact with family and friends is greater than it normally would be.

Why this week of all weeks?



A Librarian said...

My how the mighty have fallen:)

Global Librarian said...

Everyone is brought low at some stage...