05 April 2007


Jessica tagged me for a Meme. So here goes...

5 things you love in your new country

  • Exploring Europe
  • Fabulously convenient public transportation.
  • Beautiful vistas everywhere you turn.
  • Pedestrian-friendly cities and towns.
  • More laid-back lifestyle. Less need to rush everything you do.

4 things you miss from your native country

  • Family and friends (of course!)
  • Friendly customer service with a smile and "going the extra mile."
  • The ability to eavesdrop on the interesting conversations of complete strangers. It will be a while before I can do that in German.
  • 24 hour supermarkets with a huge selection of food from all over the world.

3 things that annoy you a bit (or much) in your new country...

  • Smoking everywhere. Jeepers, pass a law or two. You have laws and rules for everything else!
  • Staring. C'mon, I'm really not that interesting or bizarre.
  • Male-dominated culture. It isn't just my husband making decisions about banking or purchasing a car or anything else. Talk to me too, Bucko! I am woman. Hear me roar!

2 things that surprise you (or surprised you in the beginning) in your new country...

  • The amount of graffiti you see everywhere you go in Switzerland.
  • How long it takes to do laundry.

1 thing that you would miss terribly in your new country if you had to leave it...


I'm not one for tagging. But if anyone wants to do it, please do.

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