26 April 2007

Reason #27

Why I Will Never Fit-In In Switzerland: Reason #27

Today I happened to glance at the care instructions on the shower curtain in the guest bath:

After showering rinse with warm water.
Wash and iron monthly.

Excuse me? "Wash and iron MONTHLY?" Are they serious?

Washing I can see. Especially since it's the guest bathroom and it's nice to have a fresh, clean space for guests to come. So each time we have an overnight guest, I'll go ahead and stick it through the washer.

But I absolutely refuse to iron a shower curtain.


Un-Swiss Miss said...

Hee hee! This is why I *never* read care instruction labels! (I stopped after shampoo: rinse and repeat? Who's got time in the morning?)

Ms Mac said...

You're supposed to wash shower curtains?

Errrr... yeah I knew that!

(No honestly, I did!)

Global Librarian said...

In my past, wasteful, American life I would use it until it got dirty and then replace it with a new one.

But when it takes longer than a month to special order your odd-sized curtain (ours need to be 240 cm tall) and the stupid thing was more than 100 CHF, and that was the cheaper option, then I guess I'll wash it instead of replace it.

Er, rather I have now seen the error of my wasteful American existence.

But perhaps I should only wash it when it really needs it so that I don't waste water and energy?

Yeah. That's what I'll say.

Samantha said...

Did you know that many French people iron their underwear? And their hankies?

Global Librarian said...

A. Ironing underwear is just plain weird.

B. Why iron something that you are just going to store your snot in? Personally I prefer disposable tissues. I'd rather not carry mucus around in my pocket all day...

GLD said...

Getting a little testy aren't we. Oh by the way you nnow someone who does iron hankies and at one time underwear He He

Global Librarian said...

Yes, Dad, I know.

Now would you give Mom a rest and start using Kleenex's? That Hanky-Habit of yours is pretty disgusting!

Impossible Jane said...

I wonder if the ironing thing started because when people hang their clothes outside they are worried about bugs so ironing them will kill them. My french host mom used to iron my underwear after they dried in the garden all day long.