12 April 2007

Experiencing Mercedes

Our final destination for our weekend driving tour was Stuttgart, Germany. Specifically the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

My father, a card-carrying member of the Mercedes Benz Club of America, has wanted to visit this museum for more than twenty years. And finally, he was livin' the dream!

The museum itself is reminiscient of the Guggenheim in New York City. You start at the top of the building and work your way down the spiral slope, visiting "car galleries" as you go.

The entire history of the Mercedes-Benz company is displayed, from oldest surviving original Mercedes model (designed by Karl Maybach and named for his daughter)...

And examples of Mercedes from all eras, including this 1950's model...

Through to the concept cars, such as a solar-paneled minivan that does not require gasoline.

And let us not forget the great sacrifice to life and limb given for the sake of our safety by the Crash Test Dummies!

There was more about cars than I personally cared for. But the many men and boys who flocked the museum in large numbers remained enraptured throughout the entire visit, including GLH and my father!

It must be a Guy Thing.


Pointless Drivel said...

What? No free samples?

Global Librarian said...

They gave everyone a free keychain. Is that what you meant?

gls said...

What?? No pictures of Dad in the museum????????? I totally wanted to see his excited little face.

JNDF said...

Guy thing, bologny; I would have salvated through the whole thing.