25 February 2007

Sunday Afternoon at the Landesmuseum

It was a rainy day and we had no plans, so we decided today would be the perfect day to visit the Swiss National Museum, commonly called the Landesmuseum, across the street from the Zürich Hauptbahnhof.

Built in 1898, the museum houses the largest collection of Swiss historical artifacts in Switzerland, and perhaps the world as well. GLH and I walked through the rambling halls. I found the most interesting section to be the recreated rooms from various times in Switzerland's past.

Although I have to say, the museum had a lack of focus in its exhibits. You frequently did not know quite what you were looking at. Perhaps it was due to the renovation work currently being done, but there was little order in how the displays were arranged. Visitors meander aimlessly from room to room with few clues as to which way to go next or how the exhibits connect to one another.

I had hoped the museum would provide me with a good overview of Swiss history. In that regards, I was disappointed. I believe that I shall invest some time in reading a book on Swiss history, wait for the museum renovations to be complete and then go again. Perhaps I will then be equipped with the knowledge to appreciate the exhibits.

My apologies for the one photograph. As I mentioned before, it was raining and I did not wish to stand in the open and take photographs. Although I am water-proof, my camera is not.
Surprisingly, the museum does not allow photography, not even if you turn off the flash. Very few museums have that restriction any longer. You are even allowed to take photos inside the Louvre in Paris! Does any museum have a larger or more valuable collection than there?


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, even the Irish museums let you take non-flash pictures. And I truly thought we were the back of beyond over here. ;) We're just so, em, 19th century now?!

Global Librarian said...

That's all that I'm saying!