06 February 2007

Follow Up to Cooking

I am happy to report that I have made progress since I posted this.

I have been applying myself quite diligently to the task. And have successfully made roasted chicken, sausages of various types, roasted pork loin and the like.

This evening we made the jump and had people over for dinner for the first time since arriving in Switzerland. Frau and Herr M, our landlady and her husband, joined us for a delightful evening of good food and great conversation.

I started with a cheese plate as the appetizer. For the next course we had Tortellini Soup. The main course was Roasted Norwegian Salmon with Pesto Fettucine and Roasted Green Asparagus. For dessert we had Black Forest Cake from one of the local bakeries.

Aren't I impressive?

As you can probably guess, at the moment I am working on roasting things. Other forms of cooking will soon follow...


CanadianSwiss said...

That's very impressive! Good for you.

GLD said...

You didn't invite GLD.