07 February 2007

Paris in February

GLH and I recently decided to stop exchanging gifts. Instead of exchanging gifts, we will travel more.

The next traditional gift-giving occasion, and therefore travel opportunity, will be Valentine's Day.

GLH had his heart set on going to Paris for Valentine's Day. However, I was resistant because, well, it's Paris in the middle of February. Cold, wet, dreary. Blah.

Let's be honest. No one ever wrote a song with the line "I love Paris in February..."

And not just because "February" is impossible to rhyme with anything.

I wanted to go somewhere that was warmer and sunny such as Spain, Greece or Italy. But not too sunny. After all, I spend a great deal of my life chasing after 70 degree (21 in Celsius) weather. Not too warm or too cold.

We had reached an impasse and no trip to anywhere was being scheduled. With Valentine's Day fast approaching there was the imminent risk of going nowhere. Simply unacceptable!

Then I read J'adore Paris in Jessica's blog, My Brand New Swiss Life.

She stated, and I quote:

Paris. Go. Go in the winter, during global warming - when it is 50 degrees, & bereft of tourists. And you have Montmartre to yourself. And the cafes make you special dishes. Go.

And so we are going...

Thank you, Jessica! You saved Valentine's Day!


Ms Mac said...

I was in Paris last March, I think. And you're right, it was cold but no less beautiful! Valentine's in Paris- how romantic!

The Big Finn said...

We were in Paris just after Valentine's Day last year, and while the weather wasn't great, it wasn't that bad either.
Paris is our favorite city in Europe, and we have been there many times. We normally go between November and March, and we like it because it is not too overrun with tourists.
My only advice is that if there are any special restaurants that you want to eat at, then you'd better book them...NOW!

CanadianSwiss said...

Lucky you! You'll love it, I'm sure (even in February) :)

Expat Traveler said...

Definitely you will love it! I enjoy Paris too but I'd say TBF is your man for advise on PAris!