05 February 2007

Gadget Boy

GLH: I can't get this thing to connect to the network printer.

GL: Sweetie, why would you ever need to print something off the television?

GLH: You never know.


I am married to a gadget junkie.

GLH now has a brand new batch of gadgets. And he is currently spending a great deal of time running back and forth between the living room and the computer room trying to get all of his gadgets to talk to one another.

Occasionally I hear a stream of obscenities from a distance. I tend to duck my head and ignore those.

Eventually I hear him shout, "Honey, you've got to come here and see this."

I'm not sure exactly how this current bout of gadgetry got so out of control...

It all started when I told him that he could get a flat-screen television as a Christmas gift. But I made it perfectly clear it was to be no larger than 35 inches. I did not want an enormous television dominating my living room.

As soon as we arrived in Switzerland GLH was going from store to store looking at the options, comparing the quality of the screens, checking out the prices. Most evenings had at least some time dedicated to perusing the internet for specs and prices and what is the best of the best, latest and greatest technology.

Before I knew it, the gadget list had expanded to a home media PC. "Because," he said, "this way we can watch Sling Box on a 40-inch screen. Won't that be great?"

Yep, you guessed it. GLH had bumped the size up 5 inches to a 40-inch screen and was slipping in an additional computer. But I had actually expected that. And originally told him a smaller size to allow for the inevitable bump up. The additional computer was a bit of a surprise, but I let it slide.

Then I caught him looking at speakers on the internet.

"What are you doing?"

"We are going to need speakers," he said, trying to sound matter of fact and with no guile. He failed and the guilt was written all over his face.

"Doesn't the television come with speakers?"

"But it won't have surround sound!"

I put my foot down. "We do not need surround sound. And I do not want a bunch of speakers and wires cluttering up the living room. No. Absolutely not."

"But, but, but..." he sputtered.

"No. Put the thought out of your mind. I do not want that."

This past Saturday we once again went back to the electronics store to "buy some cables."

Somehow we ended up in the aisle with all of the speakers. Which was upstairs and on the opposite side of the store from the cables.

"Honey, this is exactly what we need."

"We do not need speakers. You just want them. It's time to learn the difference between need and want."

"No, we really do need them for our home theater system."

I stared at him in disbelief, "Excuse me? Our home theater system? When did that happen?"

After half an hour of pleading and cajoling and negotiating while a salesperson stood just within earshot laughing, I finally laid down the only deal I would accept.

"Alright. But at some stage I am going to want something that you do not. At that time I will pull out this deal we have just made and you will not be able to say no."

It may be a while before I pull out the trump card. But trust me, I will never forget I have it. One day I will put it to use.

And now I hear GLH yelling for me to come see the latest trick he trained his new gadgets to do...


The Big Finn said...

Just wait until your neighbors complain about the surround-sound system being too loud for the first time. Then, you'll have the pleasure of a big-time "I told you so!".

We haven't used our surround-sound system in months, and even then we didn't have the volume up too loud. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't have bought it.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason I like him so much

MarianLibertarian said...

Paris. You want Paris. Or a car. A nice one. And now, go hide the remote. hee...

Dave said...

God I love that guy!

GL's D

Global Librarian said...

TBF: Fortunately we live in an apartment that is amazingly well insulated. Virtually sound-proof. I was once concerned about using the vacuum during the afternoon because our neighbors have a toddler and I didn't know when nap time was. She told me it didn't matter because they can't hear anything. I am more concerned about my own ears. I do not like loud noises. It hurts to listen to!

Marian: Interestingly, we have been arguing about Paris. GLH wants to go right now. I think that Paris in February is likely to be cold and wet. I want to go to Spain or Greece or Italy now and do Paris in the Spring. But its not worth using the Trump Card. At least not yet.

Dad and Brother: you are such guys! Little boys and their little toys...

Andreas said...

Heh, have I been soooo there! :o)

Moved into a bigger apartment and bang! 35" flatscreen, home cinema (yep, LOUD! with trembling floor and window panes), speakers+stands, TV cabinet that threatens to break through the floor à la "The Italian Job", comfy recliners (no sofa, can't play horsy bouncy on that) etc.

That's what you get from high disposable income here in Switzerland... ;o)

Global Librarian said...

What is "horsy bouncy?"

No, wait. Never mind. I don't want to know...

The Brother said...

Hey, how did I get involved in this? I've been driving across the country the last two days.

Besides, as much as I like gadgets, I do know where to draw the line. I'm still watching television on my ten-year-old CRT from Target, and, you know, I have no trouble at all following the program.

I would like a flat screen, but solely because they are small and less intrusive. Until I had a Home Theater Room in my house solely dedicated for watching TV and movies -- and something for which I am unwilling to waste the money -- I want something that doesn't take over the living space.

(Wanna have some fun? After he gets this all set up and calls you in to experience the greatness of his new creation, watch and listen thoughtfully for a few minutes, then say, "You know, I really can't tell the difference." Be careful, though, his head may explode.

Global Librarian said...

You got into this because someone in Albuquerque, New Mexico logged on to my blog a few minutes before an anonymous comment was left. And since you tend to leave a fair number of anonymous comments I figured it was you!

Kinda scary that StatCounter gives ya that level of information, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Try Brother and Sister

Andreas said...


Get your mind out of the gutter!

That's a horsy bouncy:

Kirk said...

Paris is great any time of year, but probably best in spring (although the whole "Paris in April" thing is a myth--the first time we went was in April and it rained/snowed the whole time). Then again, we went to Tuscany in spring 2005 and it rained the whole time there too...