31 December 2008


My parents are visiting at the moment so I've taken advantage of extra Baby Holders to complete a craft project. One for Global Baby, of course.

I've been looking for a mobile to hang over GB's crib, but have been disappointed. Why exactly do designers make baby mobiles that are best seen from the side? Shouldn't they be best seen from underneath.

So I used plastic file folders, pipe cleaners, fishing line and a wire hanger to make a Butterfly Mobile. It only took a couple of hours and the materials were less than 20 chf. GLH attached it to the crib with a suspension curtain rod and some wire ties. Here it is:

And here's the view from below:
Global Baby is mesmerized by it.


Expat Traveler said...

Oh it looks wonderful!!! I love it...

DrSpouse said...

Wow - very impressive!