03 December 2008

Play Group Field Trip

Today instead of our regular play group, we decided to go on a field trip to...

...the Christmas Market in Basel.

I had heard it is about the best Christmas Market in Switzerland and I was very pleased with its size and the quality of items for sale. We didn't even get to see it all, so I may need to head back another day.

Here are the Mamas with their children. Unfortunately, due to illness half the group had to stay home. But those of us who were able to go enjoyed the beautiful weather, exploring the various booths and, of course, the Gluhwein!

Later in the day, Basel-based blogger The Big Finn even made an appearance and kindly guided us back to the train station for our return trip home.

We must do some more field trips in the future!


Sue said...

hahaha...baby in mommy's pouch!

Expat Traveler said...

Oh wow - that looks like so much and you got to see the TBF!!!! I used to love the Basel Christmas market. I highly suggest you go back!

Susan May said...

Caroline & Anna! I didn't know you all knew one another! I knew it would be fun and that I would be sorry to miss it -- thanks for the pics.

The Big Finn said...

It was nice seeing you all. Let me know when you're back in town. That's a nice picture of us. I'm glad I shaved yesterday morning, AND that I didn't have any raclette cheese stuck in my teeth after lunch.

christina said...

Fun time and great pictures.

Hey, tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day in Germany. I think Samichlaus comes to the little kids in Switzerland?