13 December 2008


Last night Global Baby slept THROUGH THE NIGHT! He slept from about 11 pm until about 7 am. For the first time in months, we both feel well-rested.

I think only another parent of a small baby can truly understand the joy we feel.


Susan May said...

My "baby" is almost 23! And I still remember the delight of a baby who has slept thru the night. Here's hoping it's a new trend. Funny, GH still looks pretty tired out ;-)

Anonymous said...

WTG little guy :) Auntie is soooo proud of you :)

GL'sD said...

NOW is the time to have a little talk with the guy about this sleep thing and don't let him off the hook

TC said...

Congratulations! I've nannied and babysat enough that while I don't have small children of my own, I can understand how much you and GLH appreciated that night!

Hopefully it'll continue (at least through the holidays which are tiring enough as it is...)!

Marcy said...

Aw, look how well kitty is sharing! =)

And WOOHOO GB! Keep up the good sleep!