08 December 2008

Expat Solution to Babysitting

Today I discovered an ingenious solution for how to entertain Global Baby, who isn't quite old enough to entertain himself, while I get a few things done.

I got my sister to babysit him!

Yes, people have been using family members for this purpose since the beginning of time. The ingenuity came in because my sister is in Minnesota and, of course, we are in Switzerland.

So I turned to technology for the solution. I started up a video call using Skype, set Global Baby in his bouncy chair and turned the screen/camera to face him. See...

Auntie Kara kept him busy while I cleared the dishwasher, folded a load of laundry and ate a sandwich for lunch. During the entire time I could hear my sister talking, so if Global Baby had needed anything she could have alerted me.

Ingenious, huh?


Zurich Mama Geek said...

Yep. Now that the grandparents have a laptop with webcam abilities it had been useful to have child talk to grandparent while I try to get stuff done. And she even knows how to hang up when she's done talking with them.

Global Baby is so adorable! I hope the visit went well.

Jennifer said...

A friend of mine does this - her boy teleconferences with his grandparents in France (they're in Jersey) every day while she showers and eats breakfasts.

My in-laws, however, would never be able to get the hang of this so it's a good thing we live in Switzerland.

Expat Traveler said...

Ok - now you are lucky! Lucky it worked... Yes I guess this was a great thought on your part.. Hope you get the time again soon!

gls said...

Auntie Kara is willing to putersit anytime it is needed :) I am hoping he actually recognizes me when I see him :) xoxoxoxo

Snooker said...

Finally, a good use for the Internet.