30 December 2008

Day Trip to Fribourg

We decided to go on an excursion to Fribourg in the French-speaking area of Switzerland.

It's a charming, medieval city and we enjoyed exploring the city center. Of course, we visited the cathedral...

But I think I most enjoyed the hidden walkways and stair wells...

And the fun rooftops.

Global Baby wasn't as impressed. He spent most of his time in Fribourg sleeping.
When we left Fribourg, we went away with the Fribourg Fondue mix and some fresh bread for our evening meal.

Gotta admit, I like the French-side fondue better. It doesn't taste as strong or smell as much. It's a good thing. Wonder where I might be able to find the mix in the Zurich area. Any thoughts?


Susan May said...

I have seen the Fribourg-style of Fondue at Migros. In fact, it was reduced when I saw it just the other day. (Also, I must say for the record: GB is darling!)

rswb said...

Yep, the traditional Fribourg fondue is the moitié-moitié version, half gruyère, half vacherin. You can get it at Migros (or Coop or anywhere)