06 December 2008

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Normally we would be celebrating St. Nicholas Day, a holiday we inherited from the Austrian side of our family.

However, Global Baby is too young to really appreciate it.

And more importantly, I am frantically cleaning because tomorrow we have a visit from the US social worker, who is based near the various US military bases in Southern Germany. (Yep, an official visit on a Sunday. The Swiss would be shocked and possibly offended.)

It is the first of two post-placement home visits to judge our ability as parents and our "Home Environment" before the adoption can be finalized when Global Baby is 6 months old.

Back to vacuuming...

NOTE: I did not take the above photo and we did not personally witness the event. It is a photo of Samichlaus (Swiss for St. Nicholas) and the Schmutzlis (demon type creatures, no direct translation) arriving in Kussnacht am Rigi.


Marcy said...

Good luck with the visit tomorrow... not that you'll need it. GB is one lucky boy to be with you guys.

Susan May said...

Ditto to what Marcy said!

Global Librarian said...

No, Global Baby is not lucky. He is simply a baby, getting all the love and care that all babies deserve and should receive.

GLH and I are the lucky ones. So lucky and blessed to have this beautiful, wonderful child in our family.

Expat Traveler said...

Good luck, I know it will go fine because you are being great parents to a baby who deserves to be in your family!

Jennifer said...

Hope the visit went well. And, since Sunday is Family Visiting Day in Switzerland I guess it makes an odd kind of sense.