01 January 2009

Top 10 Destinations of 2008

It's a bit late because it's been a busy week with a teething baby, but here's the 2008 Top Ten List!

10. Delos, Greece
Ancient sites are thrilling to me. I love glimpses of life from centuries ago. We were astounded it was as free of tourists as it was. occasionally we ran across others, but for the most part we felt we had the island to ourselves. Not being engulfed in crowds made it all the more special. Delos would be higher on the list if it hadn't been so hot and humid on that tiny island.

9. Rhodes, Greece
An amazing juxtaposition of ancient, medieval and modern lives. Definitely on our list for future travels.

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia
Such a beautiful, charming little city. It's beauty was made poignant by the freshly repaired roofing tiles, which highlighted the extent of the bombing during the civil war in the 90's.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada
Although I have no driving need to ever return to Las Vegas, I'm glad we made a trip to this iconic city. Especially before Global Baby's arrival. Regardless of the many attempts to Disney-fy Vegas and the hordes of children running about the smoke-filled casinos, it is still an adult's playground and most definitely not child-friendly.

6. Santorini, Greece
Perhaps the one place this year which was so gorgeous it literally took my breath away. None of the photos of this much-photographed place can possibly compare to the reality.

5. Olympia, Greece
The Olympics is the only sporting event I care about. Seeing where it all began was beyond exciting for me. Ditching the tour guide and large group for this visit was definitely worth it.

4. Cairo, Egypt
Walking into the tombs of ancient Pharaohs is an indescribable experience and one which I will carry with me forever.

3. Istanbul, Turkey
Perhaps the most fascinating city I have ever visited, the trip was made all the more enjoyable by having hired a private guide and driver. Something I cannot recommend highly enough for this city. Otherwise you cannot possibly grasp the extent of its history and significance.

2. Pompeii/Napoli, Italy
As mentioned before, I love the ancient sites. And this one outshines them all. A moment in time from Ancient Rome, frozen by the molten lava of a spewing volcano. What is also amazing are all the people who continue to live in the shadow of Vesuvius, a still active volcano that is due for another Big One.

1. San Antonio, Texas
How could this not be the Number #1 trip of the year? It's where we went to get Global Baby, our beautiful son. No other trip could possibly compare to this one filled with so much joy.


Susie Vereker said...

Interesting list. Have visited all the Greek ones except Santorini where I've always wanted to go. You have whetted my appetite for the others.
Happy new year to GB and his team.

Expat Traveler said...

Very interesting list.. I'm rather curious to know why the order for your top 10... (besides 1,2)...

You've now really gotten me to want to go to see the volcano in Italy!