15 January 2009

Crazy Lady

I have officially become a Crazy Lady who yells at other people's children.

Here's the story:

Today's nap wasn't going well, so I buckled Global Baby into his stroller and went for a stroller nap. It took 30 minutes of constant movement and singing (which earned me more than a few sideways looks), but I had just managed to get him to sleep when we happened to walk by the school. Just as school was letting out for the day.

A large group of boys, aged about 8-10 years old, ran out of the school and immediately started up a snowball fight. With Global Baby and me in the middle.

Can you see where this is going?

Not surprisingly, one of the snowballs hit the stroller, causing Global Baby to wake up and start crying.

Fortunately, the snowball did not hit him. Or this might have been a very different story. One involving the police being called after I throttled a young child.

However, I was angry enough at these inconsiderate boys that I yelled at them in a combination of High German and English.

I doubt they understood what I was saying. But I am certain they took my meaning.


Danie said...

After yelling at them, I hope you pelted them in the head with a hard-packed snowball.

...turns out I'm crazier than you are :)

Expat Traveler said...

Yes - I'd want to pelt all of them back as well!

But it is good to have activity around at all times for GB