19 January 2009

Overnight Trip to Germany

We made a quick trip up to Germany over the weekend.

Our primary goal was to pick up US infant formula, Infant Tylenol and Infant Motrin. We've got a friend connected with the US military, so we went on base to do a bit of shopping. American groceries at American dollars -- and no worries about packing them in luggage for a flight. Woo hoo!

We also picked up a Baby Einstein Exer-Saucer, which our friend's toddler had outgrown.

Global Baby loves it!


Expat Traveler said...

Wow - he is growing so fast and I am so amazed at what he can do.. That is one great saucer!

Auntie Jen said...

Nicholas in his "office". Very busy, lots of work to be done.

Susie Vereker said...

Haven't dropped in for a while, so am amazed by the wonderbabe!

Kirk said...

As much as I totally get the European preference for high-quality wooden toys over American plastic toys, Exersaucers are a big exception. Seemingly every expat with a baby in Basel was on the prowl to try to find one, and it was a very happy day when we finally found one for sale online.

Sue said...

I remember when he was small and fragile. WOW!

I love you and miss you all!