05 January 2009

Top Swiss

Here's the quote from Swissinfo:

"A man who was born German and died American has just been named the most significant Swiss of all time."

One of the newspapers here in Switzerland came up with the list of the 30 most influential Swiss in all of history. How influential could they be, given the person in the number one position wasn't even Swiss and only lived in Switzerland from 1902 through 1914.

Know who it was?

Albert Einstein.

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Anonymous said...

Well, that was a public opinion poll...

My opinion: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (philosopher whose theories on the democratic state had an important influence on the French Revolution and modern democracy)

Followed by: Henry Dunant (Red Cross founder, inspirer of Geneva Conventions)

Further runners up: John Calvin (protestant reformer), Le Corbusier (modern architect), Ferdinand Hodler (painter).