16 October 2008

Sleeping Like a Baby

This is how we managed to get Global Baby to sleep for 4-5 hours at a time each night. GB is now waking only once during the night for a quick feeding before he usually goes back to sleep. We are praying that trend continues!

He is swaddled, placed in the Baby Papasan Chair on vibration mode and then a second receiving blanket is used to swaddle him into the chair itself. Final step is to turn on the soothing sounds teddy bear (not seen in photo). Fortunately the bouncy chair folds flat and will fit in the largest suitcase we brought with us.

I've been tucking the flat teddy bear in next to him in the potentially futile hope he will select it as his "Transition Object." (Also known as a comfort object.) Mostly because it's very small and would fit in my purse easily. With my luck he will probably pick something enormous that he will trip over as he carries it about...


Marcy said...

Donovan has yet to choose a "lovey." I tried to get him attached to this one plush toy I have, because I know the website will be selling them for a while to come, but no interest yet.

I've heard of moms who would put the lovey between them and baby when baby fed, or wore it under their shirt during the day, so that it picked up mom's scent making it more comforting to baby.

Global Librarian said...

Good tip. Think I'll try it!

Because of how much we travel, I really want him to have a transition item because it will make traveling easier for all of us. And it would be exceptionally convenient if he picks a smallish item which I can purchase a few of to swap as needed. So if one gets lost, there are more.

We are also using a couple of super-soft fleece blankets. Because a blanket can be made into several small, easily swap-able pieces!

swissmiss said...

I loved swaddling. And FisherPrice Aquarium Cradle Swing, you saved us.

I tried and tried and tried to get my oldest to attach to a lovey with no success. Until he suddenly, at a little older than two, found one for himself. He calls it his "Little Friend." Of course it is utterly irreplacable - a hand-knitted doll made by my husband's late grandmother. Sigh. Kids.

Susie Vereker said...

Not sure what a transition item is, but GB looks totally adorable, and so snug.