28 October 2008



We were able to resolve this and are once again registered voters. Still upset it happened, but at least we can vote now.


Last month I called the Election Board in the county where we last resided in Kansas. Our voter registrations were indeed active and we were set to vote in the November election. Since our absentee ballots were to be sent to Switzerland, we would not receive them as we are currently in Minnesota. But we could print them off online and send them that way.

Last week I decided to check online to verify both GLH's and mine registrations. The computer stated we were not to be found on the list.

"That's weird," I thought. But didn't think anything further of it. After all, I had spoken with a real live person at the end of September and verified it. I figured the computer program was just wrong.

Then I read J's posting about how he was "purged" from the voter list.

"Huh," I thought.

So I made another telephone call. Turns out, we were also accidentally purged from the voter registration lists in Kansas.

How do we fix this? Well, we can go on election day and fill out a provisional ballot.

Except, of course, that we will be back in Switzerland and nowhere near our voting site in Kansas.

Not happy. Really, really not happy.

Going to make another telephone call tomorrow and hopefully speak with "somebody in charge" who can possibly fix this situation.

If it cannot be fixed this will be the first election in which I have not voted since I turned 18.


Marcy said...

Ugh, that sucks. And is kinda scary. Hopefully the situation can be fixed in time. Is there any way to fill out a provisional ballot ahead of time?

On a related note, Zach and I both renewed our CA licenses when we got here, and there's a box you can check to update your voter registration at the same time. Sweet, right? Well, Zach's gotten his pamplet in the mail... I haven't gotten anything. So I may be trying to vote provisionally as well.

swissmiss said...

Yeah, this is definitely going around...

Global Librarian said...

Unfortunately I am not certain how much effort I can put towards resolving this when we are also caring for a 5-week old baby, preparing for an international flight on Sunday and I know that Kansas is about the Reddest State there is so our votes for Obama would have a limited impact...


But it still angers me!

Pumpkin said...

I wouldn't let it slide. You have the RIGHT to vote and if they purged you by accident that is not your problem. I consider this serious and more of the same issues that have haunted the last two elections.

Diane Mandy said...

That's TERRIBLE!!!!! I hope you can work something out.

Heidi Dolamore said...

awful! have you tried
Call: 1-866-Our-Vote
Email: help@866ourvote.org

a lawyer friend of mine does election protection work, i'll ask her if she has any suggestions.

Heidi Dolamore said...

p.s. lawyer friend suggests you contact the kansas ACLU.

Anonymous said...


You should fight for your right!

It is laughable that a so-called first world country has such a third world voting system;

Compare that to Switzerland were you don't even have to line up 'cause you can mail in the vote...

TC said...

That isn't good! My first time being able to vote was the last presidential election - and wouldn't you know it? I register for a permanent absentee ballot, have it sent to me in Germany and when does it arrive? Ten days after the election. TEN DAYS!

At least you are trying to vote - that is what counts!