14 October 2008

Different Experience

Earlier today I was at the grocery store. As I stood scanning the shelves, slightly bewildered by the sheer volume of choices (guess I've been shopping in Europe for too long!), an employee approached me.

"Are you finding everything you need?"

I glanced over and saw his name tag said "Store Manager." I told him what I was trying to locate and he said, "That should be over here."

He took me to the area where the item is usually located and saw that they were out of that item at the moment. He apologized profusely and then asked if I would like them to special order it. They could have it by the next day and would call me so I could come pick it up.

I thanked him and declined, saying I could just purchase something else instead.

As I walked away, I tried to think of a time in which I have been in a grocery store in Switzerland and been asked if I needed help. I could not think of a single example.

God, I miss good customer service!


The Big Finn said...

A fine example of how the consumer benefits from competition.

Snooker said...

I miss customer service too!
BUT, being away from it makes me appreciate it all the more when I do experience it here in Germany.

Twelfthknit said...

'A fine example of how the consumer benefits from competition'

Hmm - doesn't necessarily follow.

Pumpkin said...

Even at our tiny village Coop no one ever asks if you need help. However, when I do ask for help they are wonderful. They are always friendly and personable. However, this is a little village.

J said...

Customer service should be a right for paying customers, not a privilege like it is here in Germany. I am sooo surprised when I actually get good service here.