08 October 2008

Big Boy!

Earlier today we stopped by to visit one of my sisters at her clinic (she's an ob/gyn). Since we were there anyway, we decided to weigh him.

He's gained 1.5 pounds in a week! All the baby books say babies generally gain about 0.5 lb per week so I was incredibly surprised. Last time we saw the pediatrician he was in the 50th percentile for weight and length and the 40th percentile for head circumference. When we got home again I looked up specific instructions for how to measure length and head circumference on an infant. He is definitely growing. Based upon his current measurements he is now about the 75th percentile in length, weight and head circumference.

Might explain why he has been so ravenously hungry and a bit fussy the last few days and why suddenly the clothes that were too big for him are now too small. He was having his first growth spurt! Since it happened so quickly, I actually thought his clothes had shrunk in the wash.

Yeah! Global Baby is officially thriving!!!


Marcy said...

Crazy, isn;t it? There's been a few times where I picked D up and swore he felt heavier than the day before. Then there's sunday when I put his sun hat on and all of a sudden it was WAY too small. Don't know when that happened!

Pumpkin said...

Kids are so funny that way. Even now my three year old, four year old and five year old will start eating more and sure enough all of a sudden they have grown an inch!!!

With babies it is so fast.

I remember laying my oldest daughter on my lap when she was three months old but she was too long and her head would have hung over my knees. All of a sudden I started crying because she was so big! She wasn't the little newborn anylonger.

Enjoy those sweet newborn days.

Diane Mandy said...

1.5 already?! That's great!