20 October 2008

Equality for All?

My brother recently alerted me to a couple of new laws in Switzerland.

At first glance, this one is a tad odd. Apparently it is the most extensive animal rights law ever passed in any country. Which is good, I guess. Although I do have to wonder if goldfish really do require that much privacy.

This next law is just plain bizarre. Who knew that plants needed to have their sense of dignity protected?

I have to admit what I find the most astounding about this is that apparently the Swiss are far more concerned about the rights of animals and plants than of humans. At least, that is what the United Nations seems to be saying...


J said...

I know why they did it! To be able to make more Amts (is that the same in Swiss German as German?).

Now they'll have the Goldfishamt and the Plantsamt.

Global Librarian said...

Swiss German is not, officially, a written language. So the Swiss also use "Amt."