27 January 2008

Top Travel Tip for the Day

When making the decision to follow a driving tour in a guide book, you may wish to closely examine the entire route. Not just the destinations on the route.

Or your driving tour may be abruptly ended by a huge sign informing you that the mountain pass is closed. Because, of course, it is winter time in the Alps.

Although we did go far enough along to get this fabulous view from the top of Merten:

We'll try to complete the driving tour in the Spring. After the snow has melted and the passes are once again open.


Expat Traveler said...

Looks to me like the drive to that point was certainly worth the adventure!

You guys go... I still don't know how you guys can travel so much but then again, when you have one person home all of the time, it's much easier!

Global Librarian said...

This doesn't even count as travel. This was just a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon!

And it does help that I work at home during the week, getting all the errands, shopping & cleaning done. Makes it so that our weekends are not devoted to it.

But even before we moved here and I was working full-time, we still traveled quite a lot. It's a matter of priorities. Travel is a priority for us and we plan in into our schedules and our finances. There are other things we are not doing (or buying) in order to ensure we can travel as much as we do.