16 January 2008

Thai Yellow Curry Tofu and Vegetables

This is a super-easy one that I came up with by combining some ingredients I already had. I made it last night and it worked really well.
Thai Yellow Curry Tofu and Vegetables
Package of Tofu
500 ml Coconut Milk
2 tbsp Yellow Curry paste
Vegetables of your choice for stir fry, either fresh or frozen
1 tbsp vegetable oil
Cut tofu to whatever size you prefer. Brown in frying pan over medium heat. Remove tofu from pan. Mix coconut milk and green curry paste. Stir fry with vegetables in the pan. When vegetables are ready, stir in tofu to reheat. Serve over rice. Serves 4.
I have been trying to convince myself, with limited success, that I like tofu. My issue is that I really dislike the texture of tofu. Too soft and squishy. People who like tofu will likely shudder, but I have discovered that if I cut the tofu into small pieces and then fry it in a bit of oil, it gets crunchy. I don't mind it that way.
GLH said that this one was delicious and a little dangerous. It was so good he ate a bit too much of it. Of course, he predictably said it would be even better if I added chicken or something...


Sarah said...

I use a very similar recipe but with red curry paste. It is tasty. A basil-infused white rice is a good pairing.

Anonymous said...

curry yum! tofu... ew!

rswb said...

Is it really a green curry or am I missing something?

Tofu fried on oil is great. I also like to marinate it in something first (soy and thin strips of fresh ginger is both a current and enduring fave). Or oyster sauce ..

Global Librarian said...

You can get yellow, green or red Thai curry paste. We have all three on hand. But this one was yellow curry!

beth said...

It's OK to not like squishy tofu. Seek out extra-firm tofu, which can be hard to find, but very worth it. Check asian food stores and co-ops where hippies and vegetarians hang out. The difference between this stuff and "regular" tofu is night and day.

You may be able to turn regular tofu into firm tofu by squeezing out all the moisture (use cheesecloth or muslin). Some recommendations say to freeze the tofu and then squeeze it when thawed.

renee said...

I freeze my tofu, thaw it in the fridge, then press it before use. To press, cut in 1/2-1" slabs. Lay on a paper towell on top of a couple of sheets of newspaper. Lay another paper towell on top,another set of newspaper. Then I put the cutting board and a few cans on top. In 15 minutes, the tofu is chewier and takes on sauce better. And it's much less fattening than using all the oil. I hate slimy tofu! and I'm lazy, so even though this seems like a lot of work, it's not.