22 January 2008


We received a letter today from the Stadt Zürich Polizei. It's our first speeding ticket in Switzerland!

GLH is being fined 40 chf for going 1 km over the speed limit.

Yep. 1 kilometer.

They clocked him going 64 km in a 60 km zone. But you are given the benefit of a 3 km plus/minus reading error. Which translates into 1 km.

He is disappointed about one thing. There was no picture of him breaking the law.

GLH wants me to add one detail. He was caught speeding on Christmas Day. He is considering this a belated "Merry F***ing Christmas from the Zürich Polizei!"


tqe / Adam said...


That's a steep fine for 1km over!

Samantha said...

I'm pretty sure I got caught speeding yesterday....they have two weeks to send me the ticket, so I won't be sleeping well until that time is up! (Since my license isn't valid here, I had to retake the French one, which means I'm considered a new driver and am on "probation". So too many slip-ups and I could lose the license I worked so hard to get!!!)

A Librarian said...

Sooo....how many before GLH gets deported?

Kirk said...

That's pretty harsh (I was told by colleagues to be extra careful driving around Zurich, e.g. to the airport, because of their vigilance in catching/fining speeders)...at least in Basel they always subtracted 5km, so he wouldn't have had a problem with 64km in a 60km zone.

GL'sD said...

I think it's very considerate of them to send Greetings and Salutations. In the festive time of year. Belated of course.

The Big Finn said...

I don't know about Zürich, but here in Basel a speeder can request a copy of the photo.

Expat Traveler said...

ouch - go with TBF's advice I say!