05 January 2008

Missed Connections

We made it.

But our luggage didn't.

Our flight from Cleveland to Newark was delayed more than an hour due to a shortage of flight crew staff. We got to Newark about an hour before our flight was scheduled to depart. Which should have been enough time to transfer the luggage at any airport except a chaotic one like Newark.

Supposedly it will be delivered tomorrow morning after the daily flight from Newark to Zürich.

On the bright side, we get to delay the unpleasant task of unpacking and laundry until we've had more sleep.

Side Note: Is it a sign you travel too much when you recognize some of the flight crew, baggage handlers and immigration officers at Newark and Zürich airports? Fortunately we do not make that flight often enough that they recognize us!

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Good luck with the bags! Ours always seem to get delayed when we fly through Paris (I swear I think it's happened on half of our flights through that airport). At least it's comforting when you have them scan your baggage ticket and they can tell you exactly where the bags are (or, well, should be at least). =)