04 January 2008


GLH and I, along with my younger sister, are going to Cairo the middle of February.

In order to avoid catching some kind of highly contagious and totally unpleasant disease, we needed to get shots. It is recommended by the CDC that travelers to Cairo get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Typhoid Fever. Figuring it would be easier and cheaper to get this done in the Cleveland, we went to a local travel clinic this afternoon.

It was definitely easier and cheaper than it would have been in Zurich, especially as GLH did not need to schedule it into his work day.

But now my left arm hurts so much I can barely lift it. Loading baggage into the overhead bin will not be easy. Good thing GLH will be there!


Expat Traveler said...

next time ask if you can get in your rear! It hurts because you got shot in your muscle... When we swam, we got the shots in the rear.. :) I prefer it, but then again, it could be a long plane ride!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I remember the good old typhid shot - and yep, it hurt like hell for days.
We are going to get the tick-borne encephalitis shot when we arrive - do you have any idea how much it costs?

Kirk said...

Oooh, Cairo. It's crowded, polluted, noisy, there's lots of poverty, everyone is trying to sell you something, riding in a taxi is a huge health hazard...and I absolutely loved it (I had a few blog posts about it in February 2006). It's the anti-Switzerland in every way. I was worried about getting sick but didn't have any problems (I ate most of my meals in the hotel since I was working). You might want to think about hiring a driver--riding in taxis was an adventure I'm glad I had, but you really are taking your life in your hands with the chaotic roads so it's nice to be in a car with seat belts!

Global Librarian said...

Huh. Hiring a driver. Hadn't even occurred to me, although that is what we ended up doing, with very good success, when we visited Gdansk, Poland.

Frankly, we had planned on taking the Cairo subway, which I have heard from several resorces in a convenient and safe option.