11 December 2006

Zurich Christmas Market

While in Zurich we were very busy preparing the apartment for our move on January 4th. But I did have time on Thursday afternoon for a quick visit to the Zurich Christmas Market with L, whose husband works with my husband. The big Christmas Market is inside the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station), which isn't perhaps quite as romantic as it could be. But it does makes sense given how much rain Zurich tends to receive.

For me the highlight of the market was the enormous Swarovski Tree...

The tree has more than 6000 Swarovski crystal ornaments on it. It truly is breathtaking.

Although I was slightly disappointed at how difficult it was to locate Christmas ornaments among the booths selling things you could purchase at any time throughout the year. You really had to hunt for them. However, I did find some beautiful and unique ones.

And, of course, I got a look at the Infamous Bahnhofstrasse Lights.

I found the lights to be an interesting art installation and quickly learned you need to stand at an angle in order to get the best view of the patterns that constantly change. However, I do agree that perhaps it isn't as beautiful or festive as it could be.


Expat Traveler said...

How wonderful! ISn't it crazy you guys are moving in less than a month! I bet this must be really exciting. I'd agree that Zurich mainstation isn't so romantic but still I'd enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. You're so lucky to have visited just before Christmas!