11 December 2006

We Have Furniture!

Last week we finished the major furniture shopping expedition. There are still a few things we'll need to get. But the bulk of the furniture is in place and ready to go.

Most of the furniture came from either Interio (the Swiss version of Pottery Barn) or Ikea. And usually it came in a cardboard box and needed to be put together. GLH and I are completely exhausted. And GLH is certain he has "Screwdriver Elbow." Very similar to "Tennis Elbow," it is caused by the repetitive motion of screwing in many, many, many little screws. Of course, it wasn't until three days into the construction project that we found out that a drill is relatively inexpensive. The final pieces we put together, went together much faster.

By far the hardest piece to do was the Wardrobe. And we got two of them. One for the entryway for coats and the other for the guest room. There were 32 separate and distinct steps involved in putting together each one. We have decided when guests come to visit that not only will they be required to put all of their clothing into the wardrobe, but they must also sit and admire it for at least 10 minutes. Blood was shed in the construction of it.


Expat Traveler said...

Well all of the furniture looks so beautiful! At least you have a lot to look at after the process!

The Big Finn said...

I'm reliving my past from six years ago. I'm telling you, the palms of my hands were raw because of the screwdiver I used to assemble all the furniture.

Interio is the Swiss version of Pottery Barn? Hmmm...I never thought about it before, but I guess it is. At least as far as I can remember - I haven't been in a Pottery Barn store or seen a catalog for over six years.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, look at all those windows! You guys lucked out - excellent find!!

Global Librarian said...

Yes, we did luck out! When open, those windows have a wonderful view of the lake and the Alps.

And we are very happy with our furniture. Once the blisters clear up, we will be even happier!

Sara said...

looks good!
and yes, i think every expat must experience screwdriver problems, and then discover that an electric drill is an amazing thing, why dont they sell the drills at IKEA too? Say right next to the cash register, so when you get to the end and realize how much stuff you have you can pick one up? They would make a fortune!

Sarah said...

Finally - I've created an account so I can respond to your posts! (I've been viewing them regularly, unbeknownst to you.)

I can't wait to admire your furniture in person. For you and Fred, I'll even admire the wardrobe for 20 minutes! Make sure you stay in Zurich long enough so that I can save up the money for the trip or win the lottery - whichever comes first. :-)

Happy trails to you!

Global Librarian said...

Hey Sarah,

Welcome to the Blogging World! Now get yer own blog and tell us all about like in North Carolina.

And you know you are welcome to come for a visit any ol' time y'all want!

By the way, your visits were not unbeknowst. That's what Stat Counter is for.