12 December 2006

First Class Revisited

GLH and I have now made two trips to Zurich together in coach. There is much moaning and groaning about this sad fact from GLH and I acknowledge that due to his 6 ft 3 inch frame there is some discomfort. Although I question if some of the moaning and groaning might be an affectation because when we travel for personal reasons we always fly coach and it never seems to be a major issue.

Regardless, I told him that from now on when flying for business, he could fly first class. But there are some conditions:

1. When flying from the US to Europe, we need to schedule a long enough layover on the US side for me to get a meal before we board the flight. That way I can take a sleeping pill as soon as I am on the plane and wake up refreshed when we get to Europe the next morning. (Waiting for the meal on the flight doesn't allow time to sleep off the effects of the pill.)

2. If we can easily upgrade my seat, I fly with him in first class.

When I told him the news, he tried not to act gleeful. I asked him if to a certain extent he had put on an act to convince me how horrible it was for him in coach.

His reply?

"I refuse to answer as it may incriminate me..."


Jessica Brogan said...

KCMO! So is that where you're coming from? I hope we have an opportunity to meet in the new year. Switzerland welcomes you!

Global Librarian said...

Yep. I'll be in there in just under a month. Are you coming to the Swiss Bloggers Meet-up in Basel in January?

Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

I'd so like to know more about the sleeping pills and this eating beforehand... I've never had a good sleep on a long flight... I hate it every time...

expatraveler... (blogger beta doesn't like me)

Global Librarian said...

I've been doing it successfully for years now!

First off -- it is better to attempt this if you have a window seat or are seated somewhere that you won't need to stand up to let someone else out.

Whatever your final departure point in North America, you eat a carb-loaded meal before you get on the plane. (Carbs make you sleepy. Turkey also wouldn't hurt...)

As soon as you are in your seat, you take a pill know to cause drowsiness. I generally take either Tylenol PM or Benadryl. But then I am very susceptible to drugs and they react quickly on me. Others I know will have their doctors prescribe a full-strength sleeping pill.

I am usually asleep before the plane takes off. And generally will not wake up until they turn on the lights to serve breakfast shortly before landing.

It helps me to minimize the impact of jet lag and get onto the new time schedule as quickly as possible.