18 December 2006

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This is the Nativity set that we purchased last year at the Christmas Market in Munich. The creche is a replica of the one my family used while I was growing up. It was made by my mother and father as a Christmas gift for this year. And even includes its own carrying case weaved by my mother...

Because it all needs to go in the air shipment that is leaving on Thursday, it will not be displayed this year. However, GLH and I set it up for a quick photo session. I took the photo. GLH held the fake plants to give it some "atmosphere."

Here is a photo from "The Making of the Nativity Scene by Global Librarian and GL Hubby."

No fake plants were harmed during the shooting of "Nativity Scene."

The fake plants were actually provided by our realtor to add greenery to our home shortly after we put the house on the market. Because of the kittens, actual plants are not a good option! I tend to be in the "Real Plant or None at All" category, but she insisted it would help sell the house. Please note, the house is not yet sold...

And we are now shutting down our computers in preparation for the move. We will not have them again until some time in January.

We'll see y'all then!

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Expat Traveler said...

Good luck with everything and hope your holidays are enjoyable!

by the way, the issue was they assumed stuff... Really I catch them doing this all too often. That's why I think everyone should be screened in an interview...

Here's to our long wait!