17 December 2006

What Next?

The realtor called a short while ago. We have some good news and some bad news.

Good News
Our house was featured in the Realty section of the newspaper. This will bring exposure to the house and hopefully bring someone who will buy it.

Bad News
There was a misprint in the newspaper. We found out at 5:30 this evening that our house will be having an open house. Tomorrow!!!

We are in the midst of sorting through all of our worldly possessions to decide what goes to Switzerland, what goes to storage and what goes to charity. It is an ugly, messy process.

We will be up most of the night pulling our house into order.

If we don't end up with a reasonable offer as a result, I think I will probably cry...


Expat Traveler said...

sorry to hear! Yes I bet this is hard for sure... Hope the open house goes well!

swissmiss said...

Oh dear, have fun with the open house.

About moving, when I moved over here R was of the opinion that since I was already using a shipping container, when it doubt, bring it - especially books, periodicals, etc. I could always then get rid of it in Switzerland. I was of the opinion, this is a great opporutnity to purge! However, I let R convince me to do it his way and I have to say I wish I had ignored him. With trash fees and regulations, it is not necessarily easy to ditch stuff over here, and there is the added "Well, I dragged it all the way over here I guess I wanted it for some reason" aspect to anything. So I've got a lot of stuff I should have just unloaded back then.

So I guess I'm offered the unsolicited advice: be heartless! Purge! Less is more!

Global Librarian said...

Open house preparation wasn't as bad as we had feared. There was organization under the chaos. We just needed to clean around it.

Of course, no offer. But such is life...

Thanks for the tips, Swiss Miss! I love to purge and do it on a regular basis even when we are not moving. When I lived alone before marriage, friends would use words such as "spartan" and "minimalist" to describe my interior design!

Which means we don't have as much starting off in the process and we will have substantially less at the end of it.

And we won't have a container. Just a 750 lb air shipment. So that reduces things as well!