21 March 2009

Teaching Cats?

Has he learned his lesson?
I doubt it.

Max came home Thursday evening. We waited all day to find out if he had "made the poop." (Direct quote from the vet.) Late in the afternoon, he did indeed make the poop and he was cleared to leave the vet's office.

When GLH walked through the door with him, Tilly excitedly ran to greet him. And then recoiled in horror.

In fact, we all recoiled in horror. He stunk to high heaven. Combination of blood and feces mixing with the overwhelming odor of Big Stinky Dog. Tilly got really freaked out and started hissing and growling like I have never seen her do.

We cleaned him as best we could with a damp washcloth (real bath will have to wait until he's healed more) and we can now stand his smell. But Tilly has not yet been able to recognize his scent and is treating him like an interloper. Which I guess is for the best for the time being. This way there is only one cat picking at his stitches instead of two. If he manages to remove them before a full week has past, he needs to go back in to have them redone.

Max has spent the last couple of days sleeping. This morning he was obviously feeling a lot better.

So he made it through this one. But I suspect if given the opportunity he would eat another Binky.

They just don't learn...


Pink & Green Mama said...

Wow! I've never heard of a cat who eats binkies...and no I suspect you are right. I'm sure he'll chew one up the first chance he gets. :)

Sara said...

poor max :(
can you get him a cone to wear so he cant get at the stitches? we had to do that for our girl after her surgery, we attached it to a cat harness thing

Global Librarian said...

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the area hurts too much for him to mess around with the stitches too much.

We just have to watch him closely. If he starts seriously chewing at the, then the special cone gets strapped on.

Marcy said...

I suppose (swiss) German might be quite a bit like French then, in that you "make" things instead of "do" things?

Glad to hear kitty is home and doing ok.