18 March 2009

How Many Lives Left?

Max is obsessed with Global Baby's Binkies (a.k.a. pacifier, nuki, dummy, etc.) The green object in the center of the photo is a Binky.

When he is successful in getting one, it is literally a matter of moments before it is destroyed.

So we need to be diligent about keeping the Binkies away from Max. But when one is caring for an infant, it is not always possible to be aware of exactly where the Binky is at all times. Over the course of the last six months, we have lost 9 Binkies to Max.

So when Max became very sick yesterday we immediately suspected he had eaten part of a Binky, likely the one he stole while I was feeding Global Baby on Friday afternoon. (When we found it later, the nipple was missing.)

As the day wore on, he repeatedly vomited. I was hopeful when he vomited up part of the Binky. But the vomiting continued and he was refusing to eat. Even when I offered him a kitty treat. Max NEVER refuses to eat a kitty treat!

So late yesterday afternoon GLH came home from work and took Max into the vet for an emergency visit. Last night the vet performed a 2-hour surgery to remove the Binky part from Max's intestinal track.

He needs to stay at the vet's for 2-3 days because he is receiving nourishment and antibiotics intravenously to give his intestinal tract time to heal. But he should be fine. I just have to wonder how many of his 9 lives does he have left? This is the second foreign-body extraction that has occurred. And he is unlikely to learn from this event as well.

And how is Tilly? After all, they are litter mates and have never been apart since their conception.

Well, Tilly is fine. Occasionally when she wants to play she'll look around for Max. But for the most part she is enjoying sleeping in Max's favorite spots. Which Max would never let her do if he were here!

By the way, when I called today to ask how Max was doing I also asked if we could come to visit him this afternoon. After a moment of silence (likely while the receptionist contemplated how insane Americans are about their pets) she said we could call at 4 pm and they should be able to tell us when Max can come home.

I guess the vet hospital doesn't have "Visiting Hours."


Expat Traveler said...

Ouch... Sounds like one bad cat! No advise or much to say here. Hope things turn out for the better soon though!

Global Librarian said...

He's not a Bad Cat. He's actually quite a friendly, loving cat who constantly purrs and likes to cuddle.

He's just not terrible bright and has some strong dog-like tendencies. In addition to coming when he is called, playing fetch and greeting us at the door when we come home, he also likes to chew on things. And sometimes ingests them...

A Librarian said...

I think I would be almost as crushed as you are if something happened to Max. Glad he will (once again) be OK.

Anonymous said...

Trips to the vet are never fun! We hope that all is well with Max!

We are fortunate, as we love our vet (given our dog's epilepsy, we are very well known!), and our emergency clinic is great, too... when our golden retriever is on "seizure watch" he is usually allowed to be free in the clinic, eating popcorn which the vet is more than willing to share!!! Sorry to hear that the visitation process isn't quite as open as we have it here in Canada (or in the US)! Gisele

CanadianSwiss said...
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CanadianSwiss said...

I'm sure that Max will be his old self again in no time :)

Our cats also love(d) chewing on rubber. I think it's the smell of that softening agent they add to rubber to make it very flexible that they love so much (ever smell a rubber band?)

Talking about 9 lives, Dales "late" sister, Chip, once chewed through a table lamp cable (it also had a very soft rubber coating) until the copper wires looked a bit like the brooms the Swiss use to clean the streets. We still couldn't figure out how she had survived the shocks she must have gotten. The vet thought her long fur could have served as better isolation. Go figure! I'm just glad she was ok and our appartment never caught fire.

Diane Mandy said...

I'm happy Max is doing ok!!