10 March 2009

Excessively Polite or Low Standards?

As I have mentioned before, I enjoy watching "A Place in the Sun." It's a show in which Brits travel to sunny locales to purchase retirement/vacation homes.

I've been watching it for a while and have noticed that the Brits tend to ohh and ahh over pretty much everything. Literally.

A decrepit house with 70's era decor leads to the comment "lovely use of space."

An ancient stone house with the roof falling in has them saying "what potential!"

An old pig sty covered in petrified manure and dead flies? "Wouldn't this make a lovely 2 bedroom cottage?"

Are these people excessively polite in front of the camera? Or do they simply have extremely low standards?



DrSpouse said...

Have you never had a (real) estate agent show you round a house that left a lot to be desired??!

I'm not sure if these are the agents or just regular people, but if it's regular people they've probably caught on to "agent-ese"!

If you ever catch House Doctor, the customers looking round the houses she does up usually reject them on the grounds that "they don't like the wallpaper" or "that room looks cluttered".

Global Librarian said...

I suspect these are real people with not quite enough money to live the life they dream of.

So they pretend they can see the potential and that they have always dreamed of "putting their stamp" on a major renovation project.

Anonymous said...

I find that the always want a fixer upper. They never want the house which is ready to move in (which us Canucks love). The want to put their own mark on it. I hear the word investment on it all the time. And they seem to always to to rent it out.