30 March 2009

Bring Clean Clothes

Today GLH took Max back to the vet to have his stitches removed.

When it was his turn, GLH took him into the exam room. The vet was already prepped for the task at hand. He had two assistants standing by with thick leather gloves all the way up to their shoulders. Their job was to hold Max down while the stitches were removed. (Unfortunately, the vet needed his hands free to deal with the scissors.)

Max became so frustrated that he couldn't bite them that he decided to poop and pee all over them instead. I hope they had an extra set of clean clothes on hand.

Max and Tilly have both been with us since we lived in the US and were already declawed when we moved here. (Declawing is illegal in Switzerland.) The first time I took Max into the vet, he started with a lecture about the evils of declawing.

Five minutes later he admitted that sometimes declawing is advisable.

Now when we go in, he just shakes his head and gets ready to deal with the cat he has nicknamed "Mad Max."

But Max really is a very affectionate cat. When complete strangers aren't poking and prodding at him!

Oh yeah, and never, ever, touch his belly. Not unless you are ready to dodge his teeth! He really doesn't like that.