16 March 2009

Sadness Is...

...scrapping the bottom of your last jar of peanut butter and knowing you won't be replacing it for at least 18 months to 2 years (or longer).

See, Global Baby has a Family Medical History that includes nut allergies, including peanuts.

Because he has now reached the stage where he tries to grab everything out of our hands while we are eating, we want to reduce the risk of his exposure to nuts and nut-based products. The theory is that perhaps if we remove nuts from his environment until he is at least 2 years old, he may grow past the danger stage and never develop the allergy.

My biggest question? What am I going to have for lunch from now on? Peanut butter and jelly was almost perfect, except for the whole allergy situation.

I need something that I can make ahead and leave on the counter until I am ready to eat.

Something that I can eat with one hand while Global Baby naps in my arms. (Yes, I either hold Global Baby for all his naps or take him on long stroller walks. It's the only way he will sleep during the day. Moving on...)

And hopefully something that is very healthy and low calorie.

Any thoughts? Very open to suggestions here...


Sara said...

soy nut butter sandwich?
cheese sandwich (As long as its not on the counter for 3 days)

Yelli said...

I always make mozz, tomato and pesto sandwiches. They keep for a couple days in the fridge.

Also, have you seen this?

DrSpouse said...

Both tree nuts and peanuts? Oh dear, poor you.

Are you veggie? If not, then sliced ham etc. is quite low fat.

Otherwise maybe low fat mayo and tuna/egg? You can keep bowls of those made up for a few days in the fridge - you may want to put the sandwich in the fridge till you eat though.

Marcy said...

This makes me laugh, b/c it reminds me of my friend telling me how she liked pb&j sandwiches for lunch b/c if she left it out on the counter and forgot for a few hours, when she did find it it'd be ok to eat still (this was when she had a newborn, too).

Do you have a sling or wrap of some sort? That way GB can sleep on you, but you still have 2 hands to eat... Hubby's great in that he's usually conscious of cooking things that can be good lunch leftovers the next day.

Global Librarian said...

Used to do the sling/wrap for naps, but he has now gotten so long (95% on the US size charts, 12 month clothes getting a little tight) that I cannot have him in the wrap and be able to sit. And who wants to stand for the length of a nap?

Getting some good food ideas, though!

Thanks, Everyone!