04 February 2009

Street Cred

Apparently I've got some "street cred" in our neighborhood.

This afternoon I was returning from a stroller walk/nap. Along our street there were 7 boys playing soccer (AKA: football). I recognized two of the boys from the Snowball Incident of a few weeks ago.

One of the boys called out "Time Out!" and all the kids stopped playing and stood to the side as I walked by. Polite "Gruezi's" were quietly muttered. The game recommenced once I was safely by.

Not sure if it was fearful respect or respectful fear, but it worked.


DrSpouse said...

Wow, that is power!

GL'sD said...

You always were a bad ass, just ask the kid in KC when his mother came in towing him by the ear.

Brad said...

wow... I can't imagine America kids acting in that manner.
Your blog seems really interesting.
I just stumbled upon it by typing in
"cash based society" into google.

I'm gunna read some more of your entries :)