28 February 2009

Pagan Dance of Joy!

The smoking ban in the Canton of Zurich will go into effect on October 1, 2009.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!


Cara in Basel said...

Completely unrelated, but...
Do you know if there are bagels in Zurich? I'm at the point that an hour train trip to Zurich sounds like a small price to pay. I tried the bagel-teig from Coop and it tastes like my grandma's yeast rolls. Not bad, just not what I'm looking for Thanks!

Global Librarian said...

There is a bagels shop in Zurich, near the Enge Train Station. It's called: Books & Bagels.


Check the hours before you go! it is a Jewish-owned bookstore/coffee shop and they are closed for Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

The bagels are pretty good!

If you come, let me know. Perhaps I could meet you for a cuppa and a bagel?

Cara in Basel said...

That would be very nice. I enjoy reading your blog and it would be nice to meet you.
I contacted the American Bagel Company in Hamburg and they directed my to MyBagel.com there in Zurich. I have a message out to a fine-foods distributor to see if they resell American Bagel Companyto anyone in Basel. So far, no reply.
My experience with the bagel-teig from Coop has been laughable at best... tonight I used it as the top for a shepard's pie. The rest of the story is here: http://cararose1977.expat-blog.net
Ciao! Hope you get a little sleep tonight :-)