09 February 2009

Missed Travel Opportunity

While I stay in cold and dreary Zurich, GLH is jetting off to the French Riviera for a business trip.

I've checked the weather report for Nice. It's supposed to be lovely.

What makes it even worse is that originally Global Baby and I were to join him on the trip. But we are still waiting for the Swiss Residency Permits. So we cannot leave and re-enter the country.



Anonymous said...

You can request a "Rückreisevisum" (literally a visa for returning) from the Migrationsamt, which gets stamped into your passport. It's typically issued on the same day, and lets you re-enter Switzerland without your Swiss permit.

Hope this helps.


Global Librarian said...

Won't work for us due to Swiss bureaucracy surrounding how adoptions work.

We are the first US citizens living in Switzerland to adopt from the US since the US enacted the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions in April 2007. The US views it as a domestic US adoption. Some of the Swiss bureaucrats agree with that viewpoint. Some do not.

Various Swiss bureaucrats are arguing about how to handle this. Even though we worked with the Swiss government and had the approval to bring GB into Switzerland and receive a permit well before the placement happened. It should be resolved after we finalize the adoption in the US on April 2nd. Until then, my wings (as well as GB's) are clipped.

It is a huge annoyance, but Global Baby is worth every bit of it. However, it is not endearing Switzerland to me at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the hassle you're going through. Didn't realize how complicated these things get, but it's good that you at least know when they should be solved by.

Good luck!


Susan May said...

The good news is, the sun is out today!!

Global Librarian said...

The sun is nice change. GB and I went for a nice, long walk today.

Well, I went for a nice, long walk. GB had a nice, long nap under the mostly sunny sky!

Expat Traveler said...

I still think that you are definitely not stuck in the worst of places. Possibly you can venture your way down to Canton Ticino and hope for more sunshine and a mini vacation?

Susan May said...

Look on the bright side: GLH has a job! I'm with Expat Traveler - maybe you should hop a train down to the Ticino?

Zurich Mama Geek said...

It's been five weeks and we're still waiting for our new permits. They'll probably arrive right before we leave. I hope we all get a little more sun soon.

J said...

Sun? What is this sun you speak of?

I remember when I was waiting for my perm residency (six weeks) - I wasn't allowed to leave Germany. I still don't understand why, though.