13 November 2008


For obvious reasons, we've been a tad preoccupied in the last two months or so.

So preoccupied that it took an e-mail from a friend for us to remember that today is our wedding anniversary.



Happy Anniversary, GLH!
I love you!

And I promise I won't forget next year, when we are unlikely to have a 7-week old baby!


Anonymous said...

Ditto...Opps is right. Funny how today I was just calculating how long we'd been married for someone and it didn't even dawn on me...important thing is we are together and have a happy and healthy global baby. Happy Anniversary and I Love you too!

gls said...

Awwww you two make me cry. I was trying to figure out the significance of today's date - couldn't quite put my little finger on it - glad you guys forgot too - Happy Anniversary to both of you :) Love you.