20 November 2008

No More Experimentation

After a very difficult week we have decided that we are tired of experimenting with formula. Although the projectile spit-up and explosive poo has subsided, he is still having issues and is obviously uncomfortable.

We had discussed trying a couple of soy formulas or driving to Germany to see what our options are there, but enough is enough. There is no guarantee those would work any better.

We know a formula that works well for him. He was always happy and smiling on that formula. He slept well and woke up cheerful and alert. He rarely spit up, and when he did it was a very small amount.

Even though it is not available in Switzerland, we are switching back to the US formula.

One of GLH's colleagues is in the US on business this week. She is bringing us a supply of formula when she returns this weekend.

Another person we know, who's husband is in the US Army, is bringing us a case when she visits us in mid-December. They stock it at the commissary on the base in Southern Germany.

My parents are bringing two suitcases full of formula when they come for New Year's.

Virtually every time we visit the US, or someone  visits us or we have friends making a trip to the US we intend to look at them with pleading eyes.

One way or another, we will figure out how to keep up the supply of infant formula for the next 10 months or so until our baby transitions from formula to solid foods.

It will be complicated, but we are determined to make it work. Global Baby deserves a Happy Stomach.


Marcy said...

The joys of raising a baby overseas... I'm glad you've got people going back and forth to help with this. This is kind of what we did with almost all D's baby stuff, we hardly bought anything in Switzerland but between us and family visiting, brought back many, many suitcases full.

Here's hoping the old formula does the trick! =)

Susan May said...

I'll be in the U.S. the first two weeks of January. I'll do my part!

Expat Traveler said...

I think you need to get acquainted with more military friends in southern Germany! I hope everything works out though! Being sick and drained is not fun!

Diane Mandy said...

I'm sorry it's been such a rough patch for you and the little one.