11 November 2008

Another Binky Down

So, you're wondering how our cats, Max and Tilly, are reacting to this massive change in their lives?

They leave his crib alone, whether Global is in or or not. They occasionally sniff at him, but keep their distance because in their experience the very small people tend to be unpredictable. And Max has even accepted that he must share my lap. This after he didn't like the reaction the couple of times he tried to "head-butt" Global Baby off of my lap.

Actually there is only one area where we are running into extreme difficulty. Max has decided his newest, favorite toys are Global Baby's Binkys. (Proper Name: Pacifier; German Name: Nuki; British Name: Dummy) And he has become very good at patiently waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and steal a Binky when our attentions are turned.

We came back with 9 Binkys. We have now lost 3 to Max. Which means we have only 6 remaining.

This is a matter of great concern because we cannot replace them in Europe.

Our original plan was to use a brand of Binky easily available in either in the United States or Europe. But we were thwarted in our plan by the hospital, which gave us one free Binky on the first day of Global Baby's life. And he latched onto that model of Binky and refuses to use any other.

Mom and Dad: We might need an emergency shipment of Binkys!


Sara said...

can you not boil the binkys that max gets and reclaim them for baby? or does he make holes in them?

Global Librarian said...

Max is able to destroy a Binky in mere moments. He has sharp teeth and an intense focus. After Max has had Binky, it can no longer be used.

Sara said...

Well, I guess its good that Binkys are small and easily shipped!

GLS said...

Well in the grand scheme of things this is a very small problem. Thankfully does NOT require the removal of the cats from the home. :) If you need binkys shipped, I could probably do that too. Love you.

The Big Finn said...

We had a cat named Binky in the 90s.

Diane Mandy said...

I can ask my friend to check at the store on base. Let me know!

Global Librarian said...

More Binkys are on the way! Yeah, Baba and Grampy!

And every day he gets a little better at getting his thumb into his mouth. We are encouraging it. You cannot lose a thumb. You cannot throw it out of the crib in the middle of the night. And a thumb will never become a cat toy!