06 November 2008

Parallel Universe

I feel as if we have somehow entered a Parallel Universe.

I noticed it right away on Monday at the Zurich airport and every foray into the outside world in the last few days has just emphasized it.

Who knew that the Swiss could be so friendly? That they could spontaneously smile at complete strangers? How unexpected to have a Swiss person stop me on the street for a little chat!

I know that this is no reflection on me. It is all Global Baby.

But still, it feels very bizarre.


Pumpkin said...

The Swiss love children. More than once an older person has paid for their groceries ahead of us only to reach back and hand my children candy or ice cream that they had bought the children after they saw us in the store. At Christmas, they will hand you money for the children and you cannot refuse it because they get angry.

Marcy said...

We lived in our little village for almost a full year before Donovan was born, and made friends with one or 2 neighbors. Then Donovan came around, and all of a sudden we knew EVERYONE and they all started being so nice to us. Babies are amazing that way.