14 September 2007

Why Men Should Not Be in Charge

GLH and I are waiting for some friends to arrive. A long-time friend of GLH's has been traveling in Europe for the last two weeks with his wife and daughter. They let us know they would be coming and we scheduled a weekend for their visit.

The last we heard from them was about 6 weeks ago. GLH sent his friend the train schedule from where they would be coming. His friend replied they would likely be on the train scheduled to arrive at 12:37 pm.


GLH is now back from the train station. He waited half an hour and there was no sign of them.

Me: You made certain to give them our address and telephone number, right?

GLH: Not sure. Probably.

Me: Probably? You aren't sure one way or another?

After looking it up.

GLH: I gave him our address and my cellphone number in December 2006. So he has it.

Me: Well, I hope he remembered to bring it!


The only contact information we know for certain they have is GLH's e-mail address.

Now, let's contrast this with a visit in two weeks that a friend of mine will be making...

As soon as she knew which flight she was taking, she e-mailed me the full itinerary. There have been many e-mails back and forth regarding plans and places to go while she is here. A couple of days before she comes I will contact her to verify the information and make certain nothing has changed. I will also provide her with our complete contact information and a map to the house. Just in case we do not connect at the airport and she needs to either call me or (worse case scenario) find her own way to our house.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why men should not be put in charge of anything.

At least not GLH and his friend!


Jul said...

LOL - good luck finding those friends!

PS - someone gave birth this afternoon. I won't tell you who, because I don't want to ruin the surprise. :)

GL'sD said...

So did M and company show up??

Pointless Drivel said...

So, let's see if I get this straight: When GLH gives his contact information to his friend, he trusts that friend will remember to bring it along when traveling to Europe to visit, while your friend apparently needs a personal escort.

I hear you can now get those satelite-connected ankle bracelets on the concumer market.

Pointless Drivel said...

The Ways and Means Committee wanted me to post a comment saying, at the recent visit of a friend of mine, I knew he was coming but didn't know where the blankets were (for him to use while sleeping.)

Of course, she bases this on the fact that, once he arrived and was getting ready for bed, I asked her where the blankets are kept. And it should be noted: I did know we HAD blankets and, had she not been available to ask, I would have been perfectly capable of locating them myself.

(She responds: "If it were my friend, I would have had a nice little bed made up ahead of time." Although, it should be further noted she has never had a friend come and stay with us, so she is making assertations that are not, at this point, provable.)

Global Librarian said...

GLH still does not understand why I made certain that the guest room had a large enough wardrobe for two people to store their things as well as good lighting, coordinated bedding and the better quality sheets that will not scratch.

In addition, the guest towels are large, fluffy comfortable ones, there is a hair dryer in the guest bath and I make certain to have extra toiletries on hand just in case a guest forgets something.

He may be afraid that the guest accommodations are so comfortable that guests will not want to leave.

Although I believe that is more a commentary on his friends than on me.

A Librarian said...

Thank you for not letting hubby take charge of my trip:)

See you soon.