19 September 2007

We Won the Lottery!

This is so exciting!

I have just received an e-mail stating that we won the Powerball Lottery in the UK. The winnings are ₤500,000 (British Pound Sterling). This is just so unexpected, especially given that we have never purchased a lottery ticket in the UK.

But if someone wants to give me lots of money, who am I to argue with them?

All we have to do is send our complete contact information plus our bank account number for the automatic deposit and photocopies of the front page of our passports.

Woo hoo! It's not enough to retire on. But every bit helps, eh?

Although I do have to say I was rather shocked by the evidence of substandard education in the UK. I can only assume that Mr. William Simon and Mrs. Judith Mark are native speakers given the extreme English-ness of their names. But I would have thought that native English speakers would have a better grasp of English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

How odd...


rswb said...

That's nothing. Last week I won first AND second prizes in some online BMW promotional lottery thingc(which, ironically ehough, I had never heard of), which included some vast sum of cash and a shiny new car!

I have become far luckier with this sort of thing in the past few years than I ever used to be.

rswb said...

Wow, that was some bad spelling and grammar (on my part, in the above comment) and I can guarantee that I am a native speaker. Maybe you really have won after all. Or maybe my keyboard is just going a bit bodgy.

Marcy said...

lol.. yay for spam!

The Big Finn said...

Wow! We received the same e-mail and, even though I thought it might be a hoax, I sent all of our information.

Would you believe it? The money was wire transferred into our Swiss bank account yesterday.