05 September 2007

Baba Yaga

Back when I was still a children's librarian, some of my favorite stories to read to children at the library were fairy tales.

And one of my favorite fairy tale characters is Baba Yaga, a popular character in tales from the Slavic countries.

So imagine my thrill when I happened to glance at a display in the museum shop at Catherine's Palace near St. Petersburg and noticed a small, painted house standing on a chicken foot. It was tucked away in a corner and easy to overlook, but I am so glad it caught my eye.

It's Baba Yaga's house!

It even has a Secret Box inside.

I feel in love with it immediately.

Isn't it amazing?

1 comment:

Milena said...

Coming originally from Serbia I surely know everything about Baba Jaga! Yes, that Jaga’s house is incredible!