12 September 2007


In Switzerland most trains going any distance over an hour have what is termed the "Quiet Car." On the doors leading to the Quiet Car and on all the windows is a picture of a pair of lips with a finger shushing you and an explanation (in four languages) that passengers should remain quiet.

Today I was sitting in the Quiet Car, doing a sudoku puzzle and just generally enjoying the silence. I was one of only three people in the compartment and the others were very quiet as well.

Another woman came into the Quiet Car. There was some noise as she settled herself into a seat. But then she took out a sandwich. That in and of itself is not normally an issue. But this sandwich was in a cellophane wrapper that made an astounding amount of noise. If she had just taken it out and eaten it on a napkin, it would not have been a problem. But she left it in the wrapper and just folded it down as she ate.

It took her 20 minutes to finish that [insert expletive] sandwich. About halfway through I realized I was actually glaring at her. I further realized I had the exact same expression on my face as I glared at her that the other two people had. (Not that the woman took any note, of course.)

And then I realized that it is happening.

I am becoming Swissified!

I wonder what will be the next step in the Swissification Process?

Staring at people in public? Reporting people's license plates to the police when I witness them speeding? Taking pleasure in paying more for something than it is worth?

I'm afraid.


GL'sD said...

Afraid! And you should be.

swissmiss said...

You're truly Swissified when you actually shush her and point at the quiet car sign on the window. Which I have done to people. Just give me the passport now.

Indie Mama said...

Oh man!

When we first moved here we got onto a "Quiet Car" by accident with our daughter. We had no idea that such a car existed (we most certainly would not have gotten in it had be known).

Thankfully the kiddo was (mostly) napping most of the way, and the car was basically empty except for one other person sitting at the far end. Still, we thought about moving, but the conductor was actually very nice and just said that "next time, perhaps the other cars".