19 September 2007

Experiments in Eating

GLH and I have started on a whole new adventure. We are becoming vegetarians.

Well, let me rephrase that.

I am becoming a vegetarian. I am dragging GLH along, with some grimacing on his part, because I do the bulk of the grocery shopping and the cooking. So he doesn't have all that much choice in the matter.

Why are we doing this?

Well, because eating meat makes me sick.

No, I don't have any moral compunctions against meat. I do not get sick thinking about the sweet, little animals. I am even fine with the whole butchering concept.

But for the last 2-3 years I have started to notice that I am losing the taste for meat. And in the last year, I have been feeling distinctly unwell after most meals that involve meat. Especially beef or pork. But even sometimes chicken or fish, if I have more than a few bites.

So I've been experimenting and have discovered that on days that I eat only vegetarian food, I feel much better than on days when I am a carnivore.

Decision made. Vegetarianism it is.

And I am certain that GLH will grow more enthusiastic about our new adventure as time goes on!


Anonymous said...

Do you really only eat pork, beef, fish (and I guess chicken)???

...If that were the case I could understand that you get tired of it...

Either way: I guess you would have reconsidered your decision if you had eaten what I have eaten last sunday (see my last blog entry)...

Pointless Drivel said...

GLH --

I have been remiss in my brother-in-lawly duties. I should have warned you years ago, even before you married her. Just like the rest of us: She's a nut.

Global Librarian said...

Swiss Guy: I checked out your last Sunday dinner. Trust me, I would not have reconsidered! I've never been able to eat venison without it churning my stomach. Wild game does not agree with me at all!

Pointless Drivel: Not only did he meet The Family before we got married, but he also went to the annual family picnic with the aunts, uncles and cousins. Do you really think he needed someone to tell him we are all nuts?

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Let me know if you have any tasty recipes.

gls said...

Hey - I am not nuts.

Pointless Drivewl said...

GLS --

No, of course not. You're the exception that proves the rule.

heather said...

good luck on the eating change.

my favorite recipe site: http://vegweb.com/

in particular i find this site useful living it europe as it allow you to search by ingredient, so you can easily find new recipes for local seasonal veg offerings.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Good luck - I find that when I am not 'being vegetarian' I eat very little meat, if any. For some strange reason, if I make it 'official' I find it almost impossible.

Jul said...


One of us! One of us! One of us!

The Big Finn said...

I applaud your decision to go veggie, BUT I would discuss the fact that you feel "unwell" after eating meat with a doctor (just to be safe). Animal flesh is much more difficult to digest than most vegetables, and it's possible that you have some sort of treatable digestive disorder.

Global Librarian said...

Thanks for all the well wishes! Experiemnt is going well and GLH is surprised at how much he doesn't mind the vegetarian lifestyle.

And TBF: I had hoped it would be a treatable digestive disorder. But going to three different doctors and trying a few different prescriptions made no difference. The only thing that has helped is to just not eat meat.

One final note: I received some e-mails and a couple of telephone calls from family and friends concerned I am not getting enough nutrition. Don't worry! I am not a vegan. (Although if careful you get enough protein in a vegan diet as well. It just takes more careful menu planning.)

I still eat eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk and so on. All are complete proteins and provide me with the nutrition I need!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the darkside my dear.

(maniacal laughter ensues)